How To Locate Sewer Lines It is important to pinpoint the location of sewer lines within a property, especially when there is need to do some digging. All indoor drainage is connected to a central drainage channel which either ends up in a septic tank within home, or links up with municipal sewer systems. In […]

Our Service

ABC Septic Service is a full service company that is committed to not only meet, but exceed our client’s expectations every time.

septic service

Licensed and bonded, our services include drain cleaning, treatment plants servicing, grease traps, tank and line locating, septic tanks, hydrojetting, video inspection and sewer pump and aerator replacement.

At ABC Plumbing there is no need to call anyone else because we can do it all.

We are the last septic service call you will ever need to make.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning Procedures Grease traps are essential in that they work best to prevent clogging of drainage systems by providing space for fats, oils and solid wastes to form layers stored inside the trap. You will find grease traps being used in kitchens of hotels, resorts, restaurants and any other food service businesses. They can […]

One Year Warranty

Most of our repairs are backed by a full one year warranty! Plus, we give you the price up-front, before any work begins.

Pump From Your Driveway

We can pump from your driveway rain or shine anytime. Call A-B-C Septic Service today at 662-851-0011. For after hours emergencies, call 901-626-6680.

Maintaining Your Treatment Plant

Because treatment plants use an electric motor to treat the wastewater, it is essential that the motor be maintained as well as having your system cleaned every two to three years.

ABC Septic What We Offer

Up-Front pricing, professional service with a personal touch, operate with passion, pride, and integrity and also 24/7 emergency service for our valued customers