Get Your Drains Clean With Hydro-jetting

Hydro-jetting is the procedure of utilizing a high pressure stream of water through the sewer line to unclog the blockage. If this procedure wasn’t available, you could face some costly repair bills. This process makes use of multiple sprays of water that clean the drains with the force of the water. During the process, one spray of water clears the path and allows the pipe to move down the path while the other sprays shoot backward. The back sprays loosen all the debris and soil which is stuck inside and blocking the pathway and carries it down the path along with the water, leaving it clean, so the flow is faster. This process is extremely efficient and can be a great help especially when blockages are a common problem.

Hydro-jetting or Snaking?

Two popular options for drain cleaning are hydro-jetting and snaking. The force of the sprays used in hydro-jetting is greater than that used in snaking. It helps to get rid of the tougher material that may be stuck inside, and it may also clean the drain better in some cases. For those who want to clean drains that are smaller or more fragile, snaking is a better option since it will not damage any delicate attachments. The best solution would be to call a professional plumber and ask them which would be the better option for your particular case.

Uses of Hydro-jetting

Hydro-jetting is often used by restaurant owners and in industries where they need to get their drains cleaned from grease and oil that gets collected. However, this process has also become increasingly popular with homeowners since it helps to get rid of anything that may be stuck. Some of the common things that block drains and can be removed by hydro-jetting include: • tree roots • grease and oil • debris which has collected • build-up of toilet paper • other materials that have been flushed down instead of being discarded in the trash • chemicals disposed of by industries and homeowners.

Hydro-jetting is completely environment-safe, and it can be used in large establishments as well as small homes. It is very useful in old houses as well as in new establishments. This process can be used as often as necessary and it will help your drains to work better and keep your drainage system clean and well-maintained.

If you are planning on getting your drains cleaned, the best option is to call a professional plumber. Processes like hydro-jetting can completely ruin your system if not done by someone who has experience and knows how to do it properly. Calling a professional plumber will also help you get the best advice on how to maintain your drainage system to prevent clogs in the future.




Hydrojetting is the process of blasting water through your sewer line to clear away all debris and items blocking the pipes. Give us a call today to find out if hydrojetting is right for you.

Using A Hydrojetting Service

Nothing can be more frustrating then clogged drains. It can be a nightmare to experience rising wastewater levels in the shower, toilet and sinks. When drains are clogging, it means there is a blockage within drain pipes. This is of course a point where home cleaning equipment won’t reach and this is where hydrojetting comes in handy.

What Is Hydrojetting

Hydrojetting is a cleaning method that utilizes blasts of water at extremely high pressure to remove build up and debris in clogged septic tanks and sewer lines.

The hydrojet generates a high pressure water stream that shoots out of a hose. The powerful stream of water cuts through any obstruction and the sludge and gunk that are clogging drains. Typically, the hydrojet is able to generate a water jet with a force of up to 4 000 psi meaning they are very effective at cleaning drains.

This process removes sand, silt, scale and all types of debris that build up in a sewer line.

Hydrojetting is undeniably a great way to thoroughly clean clogged drains and bring some life to old pipes. This cleaning process is popularly used in residential houses, apartments, commercial complexes and even restaurants.

Advantages Of Hiring A Hydrojetting Service

Owing to the unique nature of this cleaning process, it has several advantages over mechanical and chemical cleaning

One great advantage of hydrojetting is that it’s able clean hard-to-reach areas. While a plumbing snake is able to clear clogs in a septic tank system, hydrojetting is suitable for reaching out of the way blockages.

It is environmentally friendly as it does not involve the use of harsh chemicals.

Other advantages include:

  1. Gets rid of bacteria
  2. Total residual removal
  3. Less risk of damage
  4. It is flexible
  5. Helps to save money

It’s invaluable to hire a professional for of many reasons. For instance, the high pressure could damage sewer lines if not properly handled. A professional plumber has the knowledge and skills on how to use the system and knows how to prevent damage and thoroughly clean a septic tank system.

This process is the only solution when it comes to handling sewer blockage. It is an invaluable part of maintaining your home or business by keeping pipes and drains clear and clean. The service can greatly improve older plumbing lines that have many years of build up. Unlike chemical cleaners and augers, hydrojetting flushes out sand and silt build up in septic tank systems.

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