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Though some homeowners rely solely on the government to dispose off their sewage, people who own septic tanks take care of their sewage’s themselves. Though it is possible for you to employ professionals to perform septic tank testing and septic tank treatment, the professional may also face difficulties if this is not done frequently. You must always treat your tank if you don’t want to encounter any problem in your system runnings. I will show you how you can treat and test your septic tank, how frequently you should do this and every other thing necessary for proper septic system functioning.

Treatment Of Septic Tanks -When Should It Be Done

Every waste water from your house is discharged through septic systems. This water contains contaminant that settles down the bottom of the septic tanks and also line the walls of the pipes through which they are discharged. The best tool for the treatment of septic tank is microorganism since the tanks and the pipes are buried and it’s very difficult to assess them. Different microorganism are used in the treatment and they act by eating all the sludge and sediment that have stored up in the system.

The septic treatment when used ensure that the tank is free of any contaminant and is functioning at high efficiency.

Treatment of septic tanks after a long time may not achieve a desired result, so the treatment should be done frequently. The size of tank and number of people using the tank usually determine how often the septic tank treatment should be done, treatment product also affect the frequency of treatment.

It is imperative to know that since the treatment involves the use of living organism, some product e.g. Washing material, may kill the organism and thus  hinder the treatment process, each product used in treatment indicates the chemical that may render the product useless.

Pumping of Septic Tanks

Though treatment of septic tanks is effective, it is advisable that the tank should be pumped, let’s say at interval of 2-5 years, depending on location of the house  and tank size, and the size of people using it. A septic and drain service contractor can be hired to check the condition of the tank during pumping. Problems associated with long period of  time such as corrosion, cracking or rusting can be easily identified with pumping and early detection reduces a lot of cost and avoid collapse of the septic tank system.

Testing Of Septic Tanks

Problems with septic tank are not easily noticed because it is buried underground and these problems might become uncontrollable. Though it is compulsory for septic tank testing to be done before you buy a house that has septic tank system, it is advisable that septic tank testing should be done annually to avoid the cost of replacing a tank. Some brave homeowners make use of DIY septic system testing, but some still prefers the use of a professional to do the job. Use of professional septic tank testing cost less when considering the amount needed to remove and replace a whole system. Since the professional charges per hour, it is advisable for you to know where your septic tank is and take him there directly but if you don’t, let it be marked out by someone. It is also important for you to know where your septic tank is because some septic tanks are plastic and can be destroyed when compressed, identifying where the tank is will not only save pumping and testing time and also reduce cost, it will help you prevent heavy equipment such as lorry to pass over.

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